Baildan Zimrilim

Baildan Zimrilim, lives in the capital city of Threshold

Age: 41
Spouse: Ruana (35), (nee: Nasha)
Children: Baildar (22), Sareh Gabaldon(17), Nay (15)
Siblings: Bardesh (37), Beydana (33), Escadar (26), Baildar (*deceased*, 41)


Personality: I would like to play this character as cunning and a schemer; someone heavily involved with political intrigue. We'll see how that works!

History: The Zimrilim family is part of the Yironben aristocracy. Baildan's ancestors emmigrated from Darbari to Yironben many, many generations ago. However, his family has kept close ties with their country of origin. Baildan and his family still speak that language and uphold some of their old customs, and daughters and sons are swapped between the Zimrilim family and royal and high class families from the "old country". In fact, Baildan's marriage to the native Darbarian, Ruana Nasha was arranged when they were very young.

Occupation: Baildan's family has gained prominence in Threshold mostly due to their mercantile enterprises. Zimrilim boats are steady and trustworthy and have been the backbone of a lucrative trade between Yironben and Darbari. Highly valued Darbarian spices, dyes, fabrics and exotic fruits are brought into Threshold through channels controlled by Baildan or his brothers. In return, Yironben supplements the Darbari food stores with grains and provides many of the metals required by society.

Weapons of Choice:

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