Lyssan of Or'han

Gender: male

Age: 15 years

Occupation/current situation: apprentice in one the builders’ guild of Threshold

Place of Origin: Or’han, one of the smaller islands that are part of the kingdom Yironben

Lyssan is a lean, tall boy with a shock of reddish blonde hair and freckles that give reason to frequent mockery among his companions.

Although you wouldn’t call him a keen mind, Lyssan is very bright with numbers and has an excellent memory. However, due to his situation as a stranger in Threshold, these talents have not been acknowledged by the guild accordingly. So he got used to behave meekly and accept what he was given.
He hasn’t spent much time of his life thinking about why things happen or what he would like to do. Instead, he is used to live in arranged structures.

Lyssan grew up on the island Or’han, which is territory of the kingdom Yironben. Although his family is one of the better-off families of the island, it was a hard life, since Or’han is small and rural.
Luck and his educated father made it possible for Lyssan to receive basic education at home and – at the age of 12 – cross the sea to the mainland on a merchant’s ship.

The merchant, that had gotten to like the boy, got him a place as apprentice to a master builder. But life in the builder’s family and among the other apprentices wasn’t easy. Lyssan got used to being teased about his read hair, the freckles and his homeless-ness. He also learned that – because of his origin from the tiniest rock in the Yironben Sea – even his master considered him especially slow and stupid. It didn’t help that he knew his mathematics faster than any of his companions or that his construction drawings were more accurate than anyone else’s.
Showing off got him punishment. So he rather slips outside to get to know the city he lives in (drawing road maps or analyzing buildings). That also gets him punishment, of course, but at least, it is worth it.

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